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Enhancing Reading Comprehension: Simplify Helps Students Understand Complex Text

As students, we often come across complex texts and jargon that can be frustrating to understand. However, there is a solution that can make reading easier and more enjoyable. Enter Simplify, a browser extension designed to transform text into easy-to-read English. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using Simplify as a tool to navigate through complex texts and jargon.

1. What is Simplify?

Simplify is a user-friendly browser extension that simplifies text with just a few clicks. By highlighting the text and selecting 'Simplify' in the context menu, a complex piece of writing can be transformed into clear and concise language. The extension works seamlessly across various websites and platforms, making it a valuable tool for students in any subject.

2. Understanding Complex Text:

One of the key benefits of using Simplify is the ability to decipher complex texts. When dealing with academic articles, research papers, or technical documents, the language used can be overwhelming. Simplify breaks down these barriers by converting the text into easy-to-understand English. This empowers students to comprehend the material more effectively, enabling them to grasp even the most intricate concepts.

3. Removing Jargon:

Jargon is another hurdle that students often face when reading complex texts. Technical terms and specialized vocabulary can hinder the understanding of a topic. Simplify eliminates this challenge by simplifying the language, ensuring that jargon is replaced with plain English. This feature ensures that students can focus on the core content without getting tangled in terminology.

4. Improved Reading Comprehension:

By breaking down complex texts and removing jargon, Simplify significantly improves comprehension. Students can read and understand the material more quickly, allowing them to retain information better. This benefit translates into more efficient studying and research, enabling students to excel academically.

5. Enhanced Reading Experience:

Reading lengthy and convoluted texts can be a daunting task for students. With Simplify, the reading experience is transformed into one that is enjoyable and efficient. By presenting the text in an easy-to-read format, students can engage with the content more effectively and stay motivated throughout their reading sessions.

6. Time-saving Tool:

Simplify is a time-saving tool for students. Instead of spending hours deciphering complex texts, the browser extension simplifies the process, allowing students to focus on understanding the content rather than struggling with the language. This saves valuable time that can be allocated to other academic tasks or leisure activities.


Simplify is a game-changer for students who frequently encounter complex texts and jargon. By breaking down barriers and presenting information in easy-to-understand English, this browser extension improves comprehension, enhances the reading experience, and saves time. Whether you are a student in the sciences, humanities, or any other field, Simplify is a valuable tool that can transform your reading journey. Try it today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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