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We Make Reading
With ADHD Easy

Our tool specifically eases the reading experience for ADHD minds by breaking down complex text into manageable bites.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5-Star Rated on Chrome and Firefox Stores

Unlock Easier Learning with Three Powerful Features

1. Simplification

Short and Sweet

Transform complex, lengthy text into clear, concise content. Ideal for fast understanding without the overwhelm.

2. Summarization

Quick Insights

Get the gist of long articles or reports in a snap. Save time and focus on what's important.

3. Explanation

Understand with Ease

Instantly clarify difficult terms and concepts. No more getting stuck on tricky parts.

Designed with You in Mind

Every feature of Simplify is created to cater to the unique reading needs of individuals with ADHD.


Decreased Cognitive Load

Every feature of Simplify is optimized to reduce mental effort. By streamlining information processing, we help you read with ease and less mental strain.


Distraction-Free Interface

We understand the importance of focus. Simplify’s user interface is designed to minimize distractions, helping you stay engaged with your reading material.


Research-Driven Design

Our approach is grounded in cutting-edge cognitive and educational research. We constantly update Simplify based on the latest findings about ADHD and reading comprehension.


Empowering Independence

We aim to boost your confidence in reading and processing information. Simplify helps you overcome reading hurdles independently, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

A photo of a Jade, whose testimonial is displayed.
"I love scientific articles, but they can be long and complex. Now I just highlight, get summaries, and grasp main points. So grateful for this!"

Jade Benson, Data Scientist

Ready to Unleash Your ADHD Superpower? 🚀

Get Simplify and Empower Your ADHD Brain for Faster Learning and Greater Achievement

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